5Tips for a happy family and creating a happy family

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Having a happy family is an additional gift that God gives. Living in peace and love will make you happy. To achieve a happy family, many factors affect both ourselves and our partners. Happy family can not be achieved individually, there needs to be together between partners.

Are you happy with your partner? Or don’t you start worrying about it … I hope after you read this article, you will immediately build a happy family. Fix the small things that have been a problem so that your life is not happy.

#1. Turn lack into strength 

We realize that no one is born perfectly. God deliberately gives someone to complement each other. Everyone would want a perfection but, rarely of us is sometimes difficult to accept shortcomings.

Happy partner is when able to accept the shortcomings of partners, not demanding shortcomings. We cannot force couples to be perfect people, and to be happy and perfect partners, we must be able to accept each other.

The reason for the destruction of a relationship is one of them caused by this, namely, can not accept the lack of a partner. Do you want to be happy? If so … always support your partner and complete the shortcomings with your strengths, surely you will have a happy family.

#2. Be honest with your partner 

Honesty is a thing and nature starts, which we must instill early on. Honesty of a partner is a factor that drives the creation of a happy family. To learn to be honest, we can start from simple things in the family environment, the environment, and the work environment with the team.

It is true that being an honest person is difficult, but we will find many more problems if we are not able to be an honest person. Often we ask what exactly is the definition of a happy family … Happy family is when a family is able, through stages, and always strong in dealing with a problem.

Honest with a partner, including the key to a harmonious family, with honesty there will not be excessive prejudice.

#3. Always foster a sense of love for the family 

Love between couples is always there, when the two understand each other. And love will run aground when they can’t take care of each other. Cultivating a sense of love is one way to maintain happy family.

A simple example is to cultivate love, for example, little attention when a couple has a birthday. Remembering and discussing the first date, can also streng then the couple so that they always learn to be loyal.

Love will always be in the chest when we always take care of it. Love will always be present when, we believe love can make us happy. Cultivate your love as when you first know love. Maintain your love so that it always decorates the terrace wall of your heart.

#4. Solve your problems with a cool head not with emotions 

Every couple must have a problem, can be small or large. When we face a problem sometimes carried away by excessive feelings. Excessive emotions will make us wrong in solving problems.

It’s not a problem that’s done, it’s just that the problem will get more complicated if we are carried by emotions.

In solving problems,it would be nice for us to solve them with a cool head. Big problems are considered small problems,and small problems should not be exaggerated. In solving problems you should communicate with your partner, so that later you do not get misunderstood.

Emotion will not solve anything, so never use emotions to solve problems or, you yourself will regret later.

#5. Include God in our lives 

As humans we must believe in God. All contents of the world is a real work of the creator including us, and the entire contents of this universe. To reach a happy family, we must believe that God always has love for us all.

Our task as humans is to try our best,the rest is left to God, whether we deserve to get what we stand for. Loving spouse and god is our duty. All people are equal before God, there is no difference between one and the other.


The purpose of a relationship is towards a point that is tips happy family. Even though we come from different people, but in truth we are destined to take care of each other.

We can buy everything, but family happiness cannot be valued for anything, including money. Feelings of love can not be forced but, it does not mean having to hurt each other or hate each other.

We all have the right to be happy. There is no beauty if there is no love. No one will cry if everyone is aware of what love is,we all need to be loved and loved.

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